Credit/Debit Cards







FreeForex offers you the convenience of depositing and withdrawing your funds with any Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card.


Minimum Deposit None Maximum Deposit $5,000
Deposit Time Instant Withdrawal Time 48h
Deposit fees vary per the deposit amounts below
Deposit Amount Fees Withdrawal Fee 1%
Up to $500 3.9%
$500 to $1000 2.9%
$1000 and above 1.9%


Important Credit/Debit Card Information

  The name on your card must match exactly the name on your FreeForex account. No exceptions!

  You must wait at least three minutes in between each deposit attempt, even if your initial attempt is successful

  You may make up to five deposits within any 24 hour period with your card

  Your card must be verified in order to make a deposit


How to Verify Your Card

To deposit or withdraw with your card, you must first verify that you are indeed the owner of the card. 

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