New Accounts

Registering New Accounts at FreeForex

To open up a new account with FreeForex, your first step is to visit our Client Area and register a new account with your personal details. Please see our Accounts page for our account types and verification requirements. Your Client Area and trading account credentials will be provided to you upon account registration and will also be sent to your registration email address. 
Next, you will need to download our MetaTrader 4 platform (see our Platforms page) in order to sign into your account. Please view our standard desktop MetaTrader 4 and Mobile MT4 pages for information on signing into your account.

Opening Additional Accounts

In order to open up additional live or demo accounts at FreeForex, please log into your Client Area account. To open up a new live account, click on "Live" toward the left of the screen (referred to in red in the screenshot below) and to open up a new demo account, click "Demo Accounts" toward the left (referred to in green in the image below).
Supposing you wish to open up a new live account, select the account type you wish to open, your account currency and desired leverage. Please see our for leverage availability based on account size.
If you wish to open up additional demo accounts, you will see the following dialog (similar to the live account dialog box). However, you have the option to choose any initial deposit you wish upon creation of your demo account. The following image shows a demo account of $10,000 being created with 1:500 leverage.
The advantage of choosing your initial deposit is that you can create an amount similar to your intended live account deposit, this way you can get accustomed to trading specific lot sizes and developing a good risk management strategy for this particular account size. This will enable you to have a much better idea of what the trading conditions will be like when you are ready to trade with real funds.

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