MetaTrader 4

Download FreeForex MetaTrader 4 Terminal
MetaTrader 4 is the industry's most popular trading platform that has gone through the test of time. The FreeForex MetaTrader 4 Terminal provides access to currencies, spot metals and crude oil all in one place. From one single trading account you have the most popular markets in the world at your fingertips. All information sent between our MT4 server and the terminal on your computer is protected by 128-bit encryption, giving clients the peace of mind when placing orders and confidence that no third party has access to any of your private trading knowledge.
The MetaTrader 4 Terminal has impressive analytical tools, dynamic charts available in 9 timeframes (periods), and over 50 built-in technical indicators and tools. These help to reveal trends, find various patterns and determine entry and exit points. One key aspect of MetaTrader 4 is the ability to add custom indicators and expert advisors (EAs) with ease.

Adding Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors

The first step to adding a new indicator or expert advisor is to click the File button at the top left and click Open Data Folder.
In the folder that pops up, go into the MQ4 folder.
Now place your expert advisors into the Experts folder and any indicators into the Indicators folder and exit the window.
Lastly, restart your MetaTrader 4 terminal. Your experts will be available in the Navigator!

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