Deposit Bonus

Free Forex offers a 100% deposit bonus, up to $5,000 for all clients! All you have to do is make a deposit into your MT4 trading account and request the bonus from us. The bonus is converted daily into withdrawable cash as you trade.

How the Deposit Bonus works

We credit your account with a bonus equal in value to that of your deposit up to $5,000. There will be two columns in your MT4 platform -- your "Balance" (which is the funds you have deposited) and "Credit" which is your bonus.
Suppose you trade 2 lots of your first day of trading; for each lot you trade we move $0.50 from the "Credit" column into your "Balance" column. This happens at the end of the trading day and will appear on your account statement as "Bonus to balance." So since you have traded 2 lots on the first day, your "Credit" will decrease by $1.00 and your "Balance" will be increased by $1.00. Thus, you can think of it as you getting some cash back (or a rebate) on a portion of your commissions.

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