Freedom to trade at FreeForex would not be complete without oil trading. Our West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil instrument is available on all account types as a CFD on the MT4 platform. Oil prices are constantly changing and are highly sensitive to changes in global economic conditions and worldwide relations. 
Adding energies to your portfolio for the long term is essential for diversification and hedging against inflation. Because of our ever-increasing demand for energy due to technological advancements and population increase, the price of oil is set to increase in the long run. However, oil is also excellent for short term trading for its significant intraday volatility. On our platform, you will have round the clock access to oil trading so you can profit during any sort of macroeconomic event, whenever it occurs.

Why Trade Oil with Us? 

  Deep institutional liquidity with quick and reliable execution

  High leverage of up to 500:1 on crude

  Trade around the clock for 23 hours a day, 5 days a week (with a daily break from 00:00 to 01:00 trade server time)

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