Low Spreads and Commissions

We maintain a deep liquidity pool and are able to provide some of the lowest spreads in the industry to minimize the trading costs of our clients. Our prices are fast moving and accurate to 5 decimal places – the industry standard for any true ECN.
The spreads on our Pro account are the raw spreads we get from our liquidity providers. You will find that these spreads can even go down to zero pips during the most liquid times – we do not pad these spreads at all. We make our money instead by charging a small commission. This fee is charged in proportion to volume, so a trade with a volume of 0.10 standard lots is charged at exactly one-tenth the commission of a trade with a volume of 1.00 standard lots.
On our Standard account, we have taken the aforementioned commission out completely and put it into the spread instead. Thus, you will see increased spreads but no commission. Both account types are otherwise subject to the exact same trading conditions.
Please see our account types for more information about our trading conditions.

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