Free Forex was built from the ground up by market professionals with one mission in mind - to provide freedom and flexibility for all traders, regardless of their geographic location. We do this while maintaining transparency, honesty and integrity on our platform by trading with you, not against you. We employ a full STP/NDD execution model and do not enter into a conflict of interest with our traders. Instead, we provide the tools and resources necessary for you to succeed in your trading. 
The unfortunate reality of the Forex markets are the brokers in them that claim to be working with you but are instead working against you, as a market maker. At Free Forex, we pass all of your trades through to our liquidity providers to be executed without any added interference or delays. We do not touch the spreads nor do we play with our prices; we simply exist to provide fair and free trading for all.

Free Forex Advantage

At Free Forex, we offer both flexibility and simplicity at the same time. Some of these advantages include:
  No Minimum Deposit
  Maximum Leverage of 1:1000
  Tight Spreads from 0 pips 
  Minimum Order Size – 1 Micro Lot (1000 units of base currency)
  All Expert Advisors (EAs) and scalping allowed
  Wide Array of Payment Options
In summary, you can trade however you’d like on our platform without worrying about breaking any 'rules'. We view Forex as a means to financial freedom, so in order to keep up with our name it only makes sense to maintain an environment without restrictions of any kind.
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