We impose no trading restrictions of any kind. All accounts are offered the same trading conditions, regardless of deposit. We offer multiple account types to suit our clients’ needs. 
First is our Standard Account which is geared toward those who are just starting out trading for the first time. This account uses a spread-only fee model, which means that the costs of trading are factored into the spread itself with no commissions charged on the side. If you are a new trader, or a trader who likes to trade without the added difficulting of calculating commissions (see our Pro Account page for details on how commissions are calculated).
The Pro Account is similar to our Standard Account in that your trades are processed through to the same liquidity providers. However, the key difference is that the spreads you see are the very same spreads we get from our liquidity partners. These raw spreads routinely go down to zero pips on our major currency pairs, leaving only a small commission to be charged on the side. Traders who like to scalp or otherwise enjoy trading on the tightest spreads possible in the industry will find this account to be a good choice.
For traders of Islamic Faith, we have a SWAP-free option available. Please see our Swap Free Terms for more information.
At FreeFX we strive to offer the most flexibility and freedom possible in our service offerings. Thus, there is no minimum deposit for any of our account types.

Account Verification Requirements

  Personal ID - A copy of your Passport or your National ID Card/Driver's License. Must not expire in less than 3 months

  Proof of address - Any bill/statement with your name, address and a date within the last three months

  Corporate clients in addition to the above must also provide their company incorporation documents

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